Programs & Camps

Young Farmers Badge Program

Teaching young children traditional and progressive farming techniques and farm craft, with the opportunity to earn colorful farm badges. If you think your child would be interested in the program, please sign up by clicking the link below!

Young Farmers Program: Ceramics and Scholarship at The Field House Tuesday workshops.


Work on Badges Remotely

No matter where you are in the world, your children can learn and earn badges! Click the link below to sign-up and become a part of The Young Farmers Badge Program!

Young Farmers Program: Remote Badge Request Form

Bring education to your Farm

Would you like to bring wholesome education like the Young Farmers Program to your farm? We want to help! Click the link below and we can help you begin your farm's journey towards creating a brighter future!

Click here to get started....

field house

Field house Library

A borrowing system, open to the public housing over 2,000 books on progressive agriculture, theory, science and biodynamic research.