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We hope you will join us on our journey towards a more sustainable world. We can all grow our own food while empowering each other to strengthen our communities and heal our environment. Looking forward to meeting you!

WWOOFERS & Interns

Young people from all over the world and local students as well are welcome to participate in our sustainable farm program. Three week to one year opportunities. Check out our Wwoofing profile to apply. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Leighs Bees

Leigh’s Bees is our farm-grown line of products made with honey, beeswax and medicinal herbs. These homegrown products are lovingly crafted on the farm to heal body and skin. Using farming methods inspired by biodynamic and organic practices, and never using pesticides or insecticides, our goal at Meadows Bee Farm and Leigh’s Bees is to create something so pure you could eat it and so healthy it heals the entire body. 

West River Community Project

The West River Community Project Is a nonprofit which operates The West Townshend country store, the post office, a donation-based cafe, a thrift store, the Townshend farmers' market, a Community kitchen space, a live music venue, a community space and so much more!

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Honorable Mentions

Below are just a few of our local friends that support small farms and community. A great way to get to know your farmer!!

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