A table with many cups on it

2022 Annual Holiday Festival

The Field House Holiday Festival is our annual Holiday Market where local artisans will be selling their creations to help ...
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A yellow and white logo for the young farmers program.

Weston A. Price: Inspiring Children on the Farm.

Leigh Merinoff speaks for the closing ceremony at Weston A. Price conference in 2018. She summarizes the workings of Meadows ...
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A blue and yellow banner with the words " summer update at meadows berry farm !"

Summer Update at Meadows Bee Farm

As Summer comes to a close, we take a look at what we have accomplished over this season. https://youtu.be/Gx2xbEL-Sek
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A woman holding an orange pumpkin in her hands.

The Pumpkin Patch at Meadows Bee Farm

Despite growing conditions being rough, we have discovered our compost pile has gifted us with an abundance of food! After ...
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A person is cutting onions on the table.

Making Liver Pate

Nourish Yourself! As a country we are undernourished but we can really boost our nutrients with a delicious unusual food ...
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A table filled with peaches and jars of pickles.

Summer Harvest Canning 101

Summer harvest has arrived and it is full of abundance! We want to make sure none of this wonderful, delicious, ...
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A brown cow standing in the grass next to another cow.

Welcoming Millie Moo-Moo to Meadows Bee Farm

We have been blessed with another beautiful cow at Meadows Bee Farm, we introduce to you Millie Moo-Moo named after ...
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A person standing in front of a fence with a tarp covering it.

Mobile Chicken Coop at Meadows Bee Farm

Rotational Grazing is for all animals! Having fresh, clean land to graze and explore is important for health and diversity ...
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A close up of the eye of a frog

Agro-Ecology 101: Water Based Ecology

At Meadows Bee Farm, we use what nature has already put in place to support our ecology when applying techniques ...
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A person holding a bowl of dirt in their hands.

Agro-Ecology 101: The Blueberry Grove

Meadows Bee Farm uses the ecology of the land to diversify and add vitality to our gardens. Take a look, ...
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