About Our Farm

A yellow sign that says meadows bee farm.

Youtube Channel

Click here to check out our youtube channel where you can get a more in depth look at some things we're doing here on the farm!

Farming Practices

FOOD — What is it? How do we grow it? What is edible? What do we really want to eat? Join me in fields and farms as we figure it out!

We are a community-based farm, where the relationship between humans, animals and soil is brought together to bring vitality to the Earth while creating healthy food and medicine.

As biodynamic farmers, we look first to provide from within, creatively, with an attitude of joy and abundance as we find our way to live in harmony now and into the future, honoring each other and our beloved Mother Earth. We consider our farm an integral system making our own preparations, spreading this biodynamic compost as we allow our livestock to help fertilize our farms.

A man and woman picking flowers in an open field.
A garden with flowers and plants in the foreground.

Orchards & Gardens

Perennial fruit and nut trees, ponds and swales, create a vibrant edible forest Integrating Agroecology (agriculture and ecology).

Our Animals

Rotational grazing in the meadow and in the orchard brings health to our flock, nutrients to our pasture and restores balance to our eco-system. We focus on heritage breeds including sheep, turkeys, chickens, peacocks and cows. Animals include; 2 milking cows and calves, 30 sheep, 60 chickens, 40 turkeys, several honeybee hives- all overseen by 11 striking peafowl.

Two peacocks standing on a fence near each other.
A wooden structure with beehives and a toilet.

Honey Bees & Apiary

The hillside apiary, home to our bees, are raised using both Langstroth and top-bar hives. The bees provide the excitement of having pollinators throughout the farm. 

Come and look around the bee world today; their houses, their food, their diseases, the bees themselves, and how they are employed by people around the globe. Whether these bees are gentle Italians, determined Russians, or incredibly aggressive Africans, there is much we need to learn if we are going to save them!

Raw Milk Dairy

A family herd, milked once daily, leaving time for grazing in the pasture and nurturing young calves. Our raw milk provides our community with healthy, nutrient- dense food. Yogurt and cheddar cheese are among the favorites to make with our raw milk.

A cow and her calf grazing in the grass.
A red barn with a yellow sign on the side of it.

Blacksmith Shop

Come by to learn basic blacksmithing and discover how to build farm tools and functional decor for any home.

Ceramic Studio

An open studio with instructional classes in hand building and wheel techniques for both adults and children.

A group of people sitting around a table.
A group of people sitting at a table with papers.

Field house Library

A borrowing system, open to the public housing over 2,000 books on progressive agriculture, theory, science and biodynamic research.

Craft Barn

An herb drying room and space to create wool handicraft, including carding, spinning and felting.

A group of children sitting around a pile of sheep.