Into the Bee Hives at Meadows Bee Farm

Last time, we showed you what it is like to build, clean, and store beehives. This time we show you why we do it all. We will be putting our 7 new swarms (purchased from BetterBee in Greenwich, NY) into our hives after we lost our last hive to the several unexpected freezes, despite our efforts. Beekeeping is an art that has been passed down since the beginning of human kind, and for many good reasons! The medicine bees create only can be harvested with gentle respect for the bees and their work. From honey, to beeswax, to propolis, bees work their whole life to create these incredible medicines. This is why maintaining beekeeping at a farm can be hard work… but the reward is priceless. Enjoy this firsthand look into the hives at Meadows Bee Farm!

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Meadows Bee Farm