How to Build a Compost Toilet!

One compost toilet, leads to more compost toilets! We are putting finally installing one in our main house to reduce water wasted. Instead, we will put this nutrient and nitrogen rich pee to good use in our compost and spread around the soil with our fruit trees (water trees after to dilute!). Its an easy D.I.Y. and essential addition to any household that cares about their ecological footprint. Join us as we build a compost toilet from scratch that’s small and easy enough for any home.

How to make “Leigh’s pee box:”

Materials Needed:

  • Pine boards 1â€x12â€x ¾ # (We chose, Deselect, a clear grade of board )
  • Wood for cleats, 1 ½ x 3/4
  • Cardboard for pattern making
  • Toilet seat – made of enameled wood
  • Piano hinge 1 ½ x 18â€
  • Tight bond 3 wood glue (FDA approved food contact)
  • Water based paint any color
  • Acrylic paints for decorating
  • T-square Ruler
  • Pencils
  • Screws 1 1/4†construction screws
  • Electric Drill
  • Small drill bit
  • Drill bit- tapered counter sink
  • T25 torque Bit (use screw and bit to match)
  • Jigsaw with a scrolling blade for wood
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Vinyl coated aluminum flashing (3†wide strip)
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  1. Measure out cardboard (18x20x16)
  2. Make pattern see of it fits space in bathroom area
  3. Measure boards for w x h x d (18x20x16)
  4. Cut boards to length as above
  5. Cut cleats to hold boards together to create panels
  6. Put sides together first
  7. Pre drill counter sink pilot holes before putting in screws
  8. Glue and spread glue out as you go
  9. On all board edges that join and back of cleats.
  10. Assemble panels
  11. Make panel for toilet seat
  12. Lay toilet seat on top of panel and trace inside of seat
  13. Mark 3/4†outside of line, draw
  14. Drill hole and cut out line
  15. Take vinyl and roll into hole
  16. Punch hole on edge every 3/4â€
  17. Nail into seat panel forming diverter to fit inside bucket
  18. Mount toilet seat onto top cover seat panel. Drill holes after measuring
  19. Attach piano hinge to seat panel and box.
  20. Paint as desired.
  21. Put into place.
  22. Get wood shavings in bucket with ladle.
  23. Fill toilet 2â€with shavings. Add one shaving after each use.
  24. When bucket is full, spread shavings into your compost or around soil near fruit trees.
  25. Water these shavings after to dilute them, since they are so potent in nitrogen and nutrients.
  26. Thank yourself for saving water for this planet we love so much!

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